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The Toray Advantage

We field a lot of questions asking how KUIU compares to our competition, especially my old brand. The biggest differentiator is our fabrics and the direct to consumer model to keep our prices reasonable. Otherwise our product line would be cost prohibitive as our fabrics are 3 to 4 times more expensive as our competitions.  You absolutely get what you pay for in technical fabrics.

Before developing the KUIU line I met with the world’s 3 leading technical fabric suppliers, including Switzerland’s Schoeller, The United States Polartec, and Japan’s Toray.

Toray, based in Osaka, Japan leads the technical fabric industry by fusing nanotechnology into its operations, using organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and biotechnology to solve the technical fabric industry’s most challenging problems. All of KUIU’s outerwear is made exclusively with Toray’s Primeflex fabrics, which use a patented Spiral Yarn allowing stretch and recovery without elastic. The result is a lighter, more durable, and faster drying fabric.

Founded in 1926, Toray is a leading chemical manufacture based in Osaka Japan. Toray fuses nanotechnology into its operations, using organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry and biotechnology as its core technologies.  Using Chemistry to solve industries most challenging problems, Toray operates leading divisions in medical, chemical, carbon fiber and textile industries.

Toray leads the textile industry in new technology developments in all three major groups of synthetic fibers-nylon, polyester, and acrylic fibers.  Toray is setting new standards in waterproof breathable laminates and durable water repellency (DWR).

                                                                     Primeflex Spiral Yarn

Toray’s development of the patented Primeflex yarn increases fabrics durability, decreases weight, dry-time, and stretch-recovery over time. Primeflex fabrics use a patented spiral yarn technology, allowing for the yarn to stretch and recover without using elastic such as lycra or spandex.  Elastic is heavy, hydrophilic (attracts water) and has a limited life expectancy.  Toray’s Primeflex fabrics are lighter weight with much better performance and durability than competitive fabrics.

KUIU is exclusively using Primeflex fabrics for all of its outwear, which is a key ingredient to saving 4 pounds in the layering system.  The Primeflex fabric collection is a range of 100% Poly fabrics that include stretch woven, soft shell and waterproof breathable fabrics.

                                                   Waterproof Breathable

Toray has developed the highest rated 4 way-stretch waterproof breathable laminate available, which has an unmatched 20,000mmH2O/20,000g/m2 24 Hour rating.  This allows for a maximum waterproof and breathability and stretch in one package.

Kudos XR is a new DWR developed by Toray has reset the standard in durability and performance.  Kudos XR DWR performs better and last significantly longer.  DWR is critical for waterproof breathable face fabric. If DWR fails the face fabric “wets out” causing condensation build up on the inside of the garment.  As you see from Toray’s supporting data, not all DWR’s are the same.

By partnering with Toray, KUIU products have a higher performance level that weight less. Saving four pounds in KUIU’s layering system is just one result.



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You are KUIU’s Pro-Staff

KUIU does not have a Pro-Staff. My vison is to build the best gear in the world, be totally transparent about the process and have our customers become the Pro-Staff.

It has worked beyond my expectations because you represent KUIU’s products with more passion and credibility than any bribed spokes person ever could.

I received a lot of recommendations from the 2012 Marketing blog post to advertise in Eastman’s Bowhunting and Hunting Journals in 2012. Listening to you, I have committed KUIU to a full page advertisement in both magazines this year.

The 2012 Eastmans advertising campaign is called “Do Your Research” inspired from KUIU’s customers doing their research and choosing KUIU and “In The Field”  photo album that shows the results. These ads, beginning next month, will feature photos from In The Field.

The 1st advertisement will feature KUIU customer and professional guide Austin Atkinson from Peroria Arizona and AAA Outdoors and two Dall rams taken in Alaska this past season.

Each month we will feature a new photo from In The Field. If you want to be in our next Eastman’s Advertisement please submit your photos to

Please share your thoughts and ideas on our new campaign.



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Day Pack Design & Development Project

Thank you to those of you who took the time to take the survey.  We had a huge response.

Enclosed a summary of the questions from the survey for your review. With the data enclosed we I will begin to get into the specifics of this pack line with you in the next series of posts.

  • Respondents primarily plan to use the pack to hunt Elk and Mule Deer.
  • Functionality is valued more than weight; noise is valued more than weight.
  • Average Day Pack size preferred is 2,000ci.
  • Hunters want zippered access to their Day Pack contents .
  • Hunters plan to carry 20 to 29 pounds in their Day Pack.
  • Approximately 4 out of 10 require a specific way to carry their rifle or bow with the Day Pack.
  • Of those hunters, 60% prefer to carry their rifle or bow on their back with the Day Pack.
  • A little less than two-thirds of the hunters carry a spotting and tripod.
  • One-half prefer to carry their spotting scope and tripod in a side pocket.

There has been a lot of debate, questions and concerns regarding the direction of this project and if it will detract from KUIU.  I have received numerous comments, emails, phone calls and letters concerned KUIU will become something different than a committed Mountain Hunting brand.

KUIU’s products are built for backcountry hunting with a focus on using design and technology to reduce weight and increase performance.  This will not change!  I promise you. KUIU is a Mountain Hunting Brand.

If KUIU products work well for any other type of hunting, fantastic. We have customers raving about KUIU for hunting ducks, quail, pheasants, whitetails, hogs, plains animals in africa and shooting doves in Argentina. It is easy to appreciate our great fabrics, fit and designs.  I welcome anyone and everyone who has a passion for hunting to be part of KUIU.

Thank you for your passion and concerns for KUIU.  It is what is making this brand incredibly special.

Your friend,



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Thank You for a Wonderful Year

As I sit here and reflect on 2011 I could not be more proud of what we have accomplished together in just 9 months. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for an absolutely amazing first year.

As 2011 pasts I cannot be anything but excited for 2012 as it is setting up to be a year unlike anyother.

It begins next week with the first of several shipments of long awaited inventory to fill in back orders. During the year I have been working diligently with our suppliers and factories to develop a supply chain to keep inventory in stock during 2012. We will not be perfect, but this is the long term goal.

We launched a KUIU customer photo contest inspired by our In The Field Album where you have the chance to vote on your favorite photos submitted each month. The contest winner will win free gear and be featured in the next KUIU advertisement in Eastman’s Hunting and Bow Hunting Journals. The details will be out next week.

KUIU will be attending it’s first consumer trade shows in 2012, WSF, SCI, PBS and Western Conservation where I am looking forward to introducing KUIU to those who have not had the chance to touch, feel and experience the product line.

Throughout 2012 many new products will be introduced which promise to push the bar on innovation, design, weight and technology.  Many of these products you have requested here on the blog and they will be simply amazing.

In 2012 we will develop the very first consumer designed product line with our Day Pack Design & Development Project. This project is for sure to be industry changing.

I also begin working with several new suppliers and technologies in 2012 that will further KUIU’s ability to push innovation in other product categories for Mountain Hunting and pave the way to future KUIU innovation.

The future is incredibly exciting for KUIU and I look forward to experiencing it all with you.  We are just getting started!

I wish all of you a very Happy New Year.



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Pedro’s Ibex Hunt in Spain

Social Media is amazing to me. Pedro who lives in Spain reached out to me at the very beginning of Building KUIU willing to support and help this brand become something special.  On his own, Pedro has built a loyal customer base in his country. Pedro and our great Spanish customers and guides continue to spread the word of KUIU. I am so grateful.

In this process Pedro and I have become very good friends and he shares his hunts with me, which are stunning. He sent these photos to me a couple of days ago of his Ibex hunt and I asked if I could share them with you.  He added in supporting text.  I know you will enjoy his photo essay.

I wish him luck as he leaves today for Pakistan with his father to hunt sheep.  Be safe my friend.



Every year I reserve some days to go hunting ibex. This time I have been hunting in the Spanish province of Teruel.

It is hard to beat an amazing sunrise on a cold frosty morning in the mountains…

The area can’t be more open, which allows to spot ibex from really far away. I love this kind of landscape for hunting with the bow.

In Spain there are four types of ibex, and the target of this trip was the “Beceite Ibex” which is the largest one of them all.

I went hunting with a good friend of mine, Daniel Herranz, who operates Greenatur SL.  He is currently managing what are probably consider to be the best hunting areas for ibex in Spain.

The most important thing for me is hunting with good friends. That is the only way you can assure a successful hunt, no matter if you end up getting anything.

It was currently the end of December, and the rut had slown down a little, but we could see ibex of all sizes all over the place.

Finally almost a mile away, we spotted the ibex we were looking for.

Ibex is in the top left corner. Pedro is hiding in the bottom right.

We made a gorgeous stalk and almost got a shot at 35 yards, but the ibex followed a nanny and disappeared in the blink of an eye. It took a bit to spot the same group again, and by that time, they were already on the top of the mountain.

However, it was our last day and our last chance, so the stalk had to go on. I climbed a 100 feet wall to get to the ibex level,  and moving in all fours I got as close to the group as I could. All the group was by that time laying down, so I waited for their next move.

Suddenly a nanny whistle at me, and all the group stood up. The ibex was quartering away at 65 yards.  I drew the bow and put the 55 yard pin on him… The arrow flew straight toward the ibex, hitting him a little to the back. I kept a close eye on the ibex until I saw it fall down!

I think we all hunt to experience moments like this one, when effort, patience and opportunity meet.

It was an easy tracking job for my Bavarian Mountain Bloodhound, but he never minds!

I felt really lucky… an amazing result for an amazing team work!

Next stop… the Karakorum!

Good luck to you all in the mountains,

Pedro Ampuero


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Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays to all of you from all of us at KUIU.



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